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The city of Elgin partners with CityProtect.com to provide citizens with access to crime information in near real-time. Each day, crimes will be updated to provide citizens with police information that is relevant and meaningful to them. To view the City of Elgin’s criminal activity, which is updated daily, click here.  

Annual Crime Statistics

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Illinois law pertaining to the publishing of arrest photos on social media, effective January, 2019: 

  (5 ILCS 140/2.15)
    Sec. 2.15. Arrest reports and criminal history records.

 (e) Notwithstanding the requirements of subsection (a), a law enforcement agency may not publish booking photographs, commonly known as "mugshots", on its social media website in connection with civil offenses, petty offenses, business offenses, Class C misdemeanors, and Class B misdemeanors unless the booking photograph is posted to social media to assist in the search for a missing person or to assist in the search for a fugitive, person of interest, or individual wanted in relation to a crime other than a petty offense, business offense, Class C misdemeanor, or Class B misdemeanor.
(Source: P.A. 99-298, eff. 8-6-15; 100-927, eff. 1-1-19.)

Crime Category Definitions

  • Homicide (Murder) and Attempts - The intent to kill or killings of another person, may or may not involve a weapon.
  • Robbery - Property was taken from a person or business by the use of force or threat of the use of force (i.e., robbing a business that is open and occupied, mugging, purse snatching.
  • Armed - Used a weapon in the commission of a robbery.
  • Strong Arm - Used excessive force but no weapon in the commission of a robbery.
  • Aggravated Battery - Intentionally or unknowingly, without legal justification, causes great bodily harm to an individual. Involves the use of a weapon or great force.
  • Verified Incidents: Gun Discharged - Includes any incident which is verified by witnesses or evidence in which a gun was discharged (other than the listed homicides, robberies, aggravated batteries, and criminal damage). Criminal categories for these incidents may include Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Discharge of a Weapon, Unlawful Use of a Weapon, and Reckless Conduct.
  • Burglary - An individual enters or remains within a building/structure without authority with the intent to commit therein felony or theft. There are no weapons involved in the commission of this crime.
  • Burglary to Vehicle - Same as burglary above with regard to a vehicle being entered instead of a building or structure.
  • Auto Theft - An individual commits Auto Theft when he/she knowingly obtains or exerts unauthorized control over or obtains by deception or by threat control over a vehicle with the intention to deprive the owner permanently of the use of benefit of a vehicle. No weapon is involved.
  • Criminal Damage (Property or Vehicle) - An illegal act of knowingly damaging any property of another without their consent (i.e., graffiti, slashed tires, etc.).

Specific questions pertaining to statistical information may be directed to the public information officer at 847-289-2970; however, if you are seeking information about a specific police report, please refer to the information provided here. Some requests may require a FOIA.