List of Pre-qualified Plumbers

In order to qualify for the Lead Service Pipe Replacement Program Loan option, residents must obtain at least two quotes from a pre-qualified plumber.  Plumbers were pre-qualified by the City by submitting required information in response to a request for qualifications.  The information submitted by each company can be viewed here.  

The list of pre-qualified plumbers includes the following companies:

  • Advantage Plumbing & Drain, Inc., 847-268-3553
  • Alexander Plumbing, 847-742-0541
  • F.J. Bero & Co., Inc., 847-741-6140
  • Hans & Sons, Inc., 847-636-3666
  • Kellenberger Plumbing & Underground, Inc., 847-742-4385
  • Plumbing Systems & Repair, Inc., 847-961-6500
  1. 311 Elgin

    Phone: 847-931-6001